Intuitive solutions for extreme conditions. Thorough research and extensive development lay the foundation for optimum performance. Minimalist construction focused on essential function and optimal fit.


Centered on progressive production techniques. Ground-up collaboration between design, engineering and assembly. Dedication to the pinnacle of craftsmanship attained by precision construction.


Detail oriented to perform at the point of utmost need. Critical components designed to resist conditions and environment. Dedicated research, development and latest technology resulting in relevant products.


Built around essential performance and protection. Maximum functionality through integrated designs, progressive manufacturing and precision assembly. Latest technologies, advanced fabrics and tailored designs result in timeless solutions.

Product Lines



Streamlined equipment manufactured using best-in-class materials and no-compromise production methods to achieve unparalleled products. Designed to improve performance at any level and in all weather conditions. This lightweight technology focuses on minimalist construction with no supplementation keeping you light, dry and flexible. The SC line is the pinnacle of competition equipment.

“You need to be quick on your feet in professional paintball. The SC Line provides the edge I need by staying light weight regardless of how much I sweat or how much it rains.”

Carl Markowski | Chicago Aftershock


Versatile equipment manufactured with robust materials orientated towards all formats. Ideal for high activity in middle-ground conditions.  Innovative lighter weight designs reinforced with lasting technical materials. The CC line blends Carbon’s minimalist philosophy with enhanced durability for high repetition use.  

Full Product Line | COMING SOON.

“High rep practices destroy my gear.  Through product testing I found the CC line is tough enough to withstand drill sessions but way lighter and more flexible than the average gear.”

Josh Solem | Product Tester | AAF

Engineered for the extreme. Intuitive designs combined with scientific knowledge and latest textiles resulting in absolute functionality. Minimalist construction maximizing protection and comfort in all elements.

Protective PU taping process. Mechanically anchors seams using heat and pressure increasing joint strength by 3X. Technology resists water, abrasions and excessive wear.

Active_Vent_WhiteACTIVE VENT
Stretchable gradient textile. Ergonomic paneling designed to allow sweat to evaporate. Textile stimulates moisture wicking performance when in motion.

Impact_Layering_WhiteIMPACT LAYERING
Flexible EVA polymer. Designed to contour to vital impact zones. Tough but soft padding absorbs shock during extreme activity.

Breathable_Membrane_WhiteBREATHABLE MEMBRANE
Proprietary 3 layer PU laminate. Bonded layer between interior and exterior fabrics. Durable lining provides breathable yet weather resistant protection.

Tension_Control_WhiteTENSION CONTROL
Adjustable 2-way elastic webbing. Designed to easily be tailored by preference. Technology allows custom alterations for optimal fit and comfort.

Solar_Block_WhiteSOLAR BLOCK
UVA & UVB ultraviolet resistant fabric. Manufactured to provide permanent sun protection. Tightly woven textiles to reduce sun, heat and moisture exposure.

Stain_Gaurd_WhiteSTAIN GUARD
Multi-action fused fibers. Designed to stay dry, clean easily, resist stains and prevent discoloration. Resistance against the four elements.

Team Packages

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